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Is “4 C’s” enough to know when purchasing a diamond?

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“4 C’s” is a phrase/ topic that you hear the most when shopping for a diamond engagement ring. You have to know the 4 parameters that affect the value of a diamond: Cut, Color, Carat, Clarity.

When shopping for a diamond engagement ring offline (at stores), you are shown different forms of charts, diagrams, pyramids, etc. depicting and educating “4 C’s” to an extent, and even when shopping online, these diagrams are usually the first and only educational material that you find.  

But, the question is: Is the “4 C’s” enough to know when buying a diamond ring?

Are these the only factors that determine the value of a diamond?

The answer is a big NO!

At least 10 different important factors determine the value of a diamond. Although “4 C’s” are the first things that you check, but there are 6 more parameters (equally important) that you have to look into before you close the deal.

Why nobody has told you about these factors so far?

There are different reasons. First of all, sometimes the person who is selling you the diamond has very little info about few of them himself/ herself.

Secondly, if you don’t know about all the parameters, you won’t ask questions about them, and that makes the sales happen faster!

Thirdly, if a diamond has good “4 C’s”, but bad 6 other parameters, it should be offered at a much lower price range. But those who are less honest sometimes try to focus only on the “4 C’s” and carry on with the sales.

On most of the websites today, even if all parameters that affect the value and quality of a diamond are listed, customers are still in the dark regarding what range of each factor is considered desirable and what is not.

Dafina Jewelry is among very few companies that intend to inform buyers about all important parameters and their desirable ranges determining the value of a diamond, so they can go through their purchase with extended trust and confidence.

Check out Dafina One Carat for yourself, and feel the trust!

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