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Commercial vs Non-Commercial Engagement Rings

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Dafina Merlot rose gold engagement ring with diamonds.

Nothing is, and nothing should be “commercial” about you getting engaged to your most favorite partner of your life. Your feelings, your dreams, your anticipations, and the whole event, whether it’s a big engagement ceremony or just two of you together, is about emotions, purity and being genuine.

You are full of passion, good feelings, and happiness. This day is one of a kind and it only occurs once in your marital lifetime.  Therefore all your emotions are just avant-garde by default.

Your engagement ring however, is the only symbol of that day that remains with you as a precious piece of jewelry for a very long time, most likely the rest of your life. And that is not excluded from being avant-garde.

By avant-garde we don’t mean that you should have a very pricy or a big ring.

Ideally, you would want your engagement ring to make a statement, to be powerful and genuine, to reflect your love, purity, passion, and still be different than all the rest of the rings worn by others. In fact you should look for a piece of jewelry, not just a ring for your engagement event.

The same concept is behind Dafina Jewelry’s bridal line. Avant-garde design, rich in high quality gold and gemstones, bold, and genuine.

We believe you shouldn’t look for “just a ring”.

Although Dafina’s engagement rings can accommodate up to 5-carat center stones without any design alteration, we think an engagement ring is not just about the center stone, but about the whole piece altogether.

We believe that your engagement ring should accommodate art, design, and emotions as well as the center stone. It has to be bold, eye catching, beautiful, and different at the same time.

The center stone on an engagement ring can be a diamond, or a color stone of any size. However, what makes your ring bold and beautiful beside only the center stone, is the combination of unique design, ideal material, ideal craftsmanship, and stones together.

After all, when everybody notices your engagement ring and gives you compliments on how unique and beautiful it is, you are reminded of that day and all its beautiful emotions. That smile on your face even after many years is what we think of in advance. An avant-garde smile.

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