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New Dafina Jewelry Website

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Welcome to Dafina Jewelry’s new website!

The first point of contact with any brand is the environment in which you shop, hence we are providing you with an avant-garde, rich, yet simple shopping experience that is constantly refined to satisfy your expectations.

Along with unique designs in bridal and fine jewelry categories, we are introducing Dafina One Carat, an optimum center stone for our entire engagement ring line, which has all the parameters that affect a gemstone’s quality, optimized.

Instead of offering thousands of diamonds or sapphires with different qualities, and expecting a person with no jewelry background to find the best gemstone out of them, Dafina Jewelry has sought to eliminate confusion and offer the optimum gemstone for your engagement ring with regards to qualitysize, and pricing; and the result is a “Dafina One Carat Diamond” or a “Dafina One Carat Sapphire” that is placed on any Dafina engagement ring that you choose, to last your life long journey.

A Dafina One Carat center stone is precisely set to satisfy those who seek the highest standards in a diamond or sapphire engagement ring, and to eliminate the confusion that often arises in selecting the right gemstone for your ring.

Enjoy shopping with trust!

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