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Jewelry is meant to be exciting!

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Dafina silver sail earrings with sapphires.

Jewelry has been worn for a variety of reasons throughout the history. It has indicated specific ranks and levels in society, shown certain positions and hierarchies in royal families and kingdoms, and signed the heights of wealth and power of the wearer even in these modern days.

However, as a piece of ornament on the wearer’s body, jewelry is meant to be easily noticed and attract a lot of attention. In other words, jewelry has to be seen; it has to be exiting, meaningful, different and bold.

Because of the way human psychology works, we get used to a design or pattern that is repeatedly worn, seen, or overused; so we don’t notice or see those designs or patterns anymore, or find them boring/ not satisfying.

In the case of bridal jewelry for instance, the whole purpose of wearing a wedding band or an engagement ring is to remind ourselves and others, of that fresh start and new beginning, and the last thing we want is for our bridal jewelry to be boring.

A quick look at today’s bridal jewelry trends, wedding band and engagement ring designs, makes it clear that we are in fact trapped in a cycle of somewhat boring designs, repetitive patterns and motifs (if there is any), and uninteresting concepts, as perhaps noticed by many shoppers.

Designs introduced by Dafina Jewelry including Dafina’s bridal line, however, are excluded from these usual and routine trends.

Engagement rings and wedding bands introduced by Dafina Jewelry, bring richness, quality, color, purity, and meaning. We broke out of the cliché and are appreciated by those who think and live out of the cliché.

Dafina Love Fire, Light Trap, Merlot, and other Dafina designs each bring different and delicate facets of events full of romance, commitment, engagement, love, purity, and class to light.

All Dafina’s wedding bands combine art and design into this infinite circle of love.

For the first time, a simple wedding band also accommodates a lot of play, joy, taste, and sets you apart from all other couples.

With the same concept of design we have our Frenchair pendant with a long chain for the days you decide to wear a modern, fun, and alternative piece but still remain in the fine jewelry category, or a Majesty ring for when you are attending a formal event and want to introduce a new formal!

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