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Diamond set in Silver?

diamond and silver diamond in silver silver jewelry

Dafina silver enigma bangle with sapphires.

“Diamond set in silver” was almost unheard of in the modern world, before the 2008 economy downfall. Diamond, as one of the most admired precious stones, has always been set into the most admired precious metals such as gold and platinum.

Diamond is one of the hardest and most durable gemstones/ naturally occurring objects known to mankind, which might show some signs of wear and tear or “chipping” after decades of everyday use or extraordinary impacts.

Because of its incredible durability, also sparkle and shine, diamond is sold at a price that is considerably higher than other gemstones in the same quality level.  

Silver on the other hand, has been used in jewelry as a precious metal since thousands of years ago, but because of its easier availability and mining conditions, also some of its characteristics including lower hardness and durability, and tendency to react to environmental elements, has been priced/ demanded less than other precious metals such as gold and platinum.

Because of the above reasons, to make beautiful and everlasting pieces of jewelry, artisans and jewelers traditionally set diamonds in gold and platinum.

Also because of softness of silver and hardness of diamond, and the fear of diamond “eating” its seat, or popping out of the silver setting after early shifts and movements of its surrounding metal, high-end jewelers always stayed away from placing a diamond into a silver setting.

However, after the recession, standards also plunged. Many “high quality” jewelers started offering “silver and diamond” jewelry just to carry out sales and take advantage of lower silver prices.

Also, since the really good quality diamonds are always saved to be set into gold or platinum, those diamonds that are set in silver usually don’t fall in the “Excellent -very good” quality category and tend to be just average.

Now it is the task of advertising and marketing campaigns to push the sales of silver and diamond jewelry and diminish the facts and standards.

Nevertheless, among the “quality jewelers” there are still some that are following the tradition and quality standards by avoiding “silver and diamond” jewelry, although offering extremely good quality silver jewelry set with other precious stones such as sapphires.

It requires much of experience and talent to create silver pieces of jewelry that are as durable and elegant as other jewelry pieces made of non-silver precious metals such as gold and platinum.

Dafina Jewelry is one of those brands that proudly avoids “silver and diamond” jewelry; and offers quality silver pieces, set with amazing Ceylon sapphires, which are the result of extensive talent and experience of its jewelers and artisans.

Ceylon sapphire, the best kind of sapphire, is sourced by Dafina Jewelry to be set into both of its gold and silver pieces.

In fact, nothing shows your desire towards a genuine glamour more than wearing a well-crafted, high quality gold and diamond or silver and sapphire piece of jewelry.

A glamour that is born not through short cuts and fast alternatives, but through thousands of years of tradition and refining.

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