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Those who follow and those who lead

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Love fire gold ring with Sapphire.

In regards to jewelry and its trends, especially bridal jewelry, there are always two groups of people: Those who follow, and those who lead the trends.

It is interesting to have a look at some of behavioral characteristics of individuals in each group.

Often people who lead a trend have one or more of below characteristics:

They are initiators. They start a direction and try to promote that direction. They have bold characters and prefer to have a fresh and new look that is different than the status quo. They tend to shake the cliché and are not afraid of showing it to everyone. They are not concerned of what other people might think about them or how they might be judged.

However, those who follow are always waiting to be directed. They are the best recipients for advertisers. They look at others when deciding for themselves and never question anything.

Followers do everything possible to look like the other followers and usually are proud of that. Followers often lack enough confidence and are happy to belong to a group of people who always follow anything that is dictated to them, therefore fail to recognize their own taste and preferences.

This environment provides an opportunity for those companies that take advantage of an on-going flow and keep producing the same designs and products that are followed repeatedly. The exact same engagement rings and wedding bands on everyone’s hands with more or less the same style and even color, are the result of such an environment.

The leaders however, don’t stay in this structure and search for new alternatives. They are the ones who are followed. When it comes to jewelry, outfit, shoes, etc. they desire to have something that has a sharp and fresh look, which is not overused by others.

Dafina Jewelry has always sought to serve the leaders market and satisfy their desire by offering new alternatives in design, color, shapes and meanings.

As an example, “rose gold” is offered in the entire Dafina bridal line, which is instantly noticed, both in engagement rings and wedding bands for men and ladies.

Since it gives a colorful and warm start to a new beginning, a new life, and a new journey, rose gold has even stronger symbolic place in comparison to the white gold,

which is often the most conservative, and at times predictable choice for an engagement ring or a wedding band, especially when it comes in the same design offered by almost every other jeweler.

Our mission is to offer something more than just the ordinary trends. Even a choice of simple round band in our bridal line gives you much of design and play, and instantly attracts much attention.

After all, marriage is a ceremony that starts and continues with excitement, beauty, and color. We are glad to be contributing to all those.


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