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Dafina Ceylon Sapphires

Ceylon sapphires One carat sapphires

Dafina Blue Ceylon Sapphire.

When Britain colonized Sri Lanka in 1798, they called the land “Ceylon”, which is derived from Ceilao, a name given to it by Portuguese who were the prior occupants.

Sri Lanka, the never ending supply of high quality gemstones, has been producing a variety of exotic and colorful gems since 2500 years ago, including sapphires with colors ranging from pink and blue to Padparadscha which is the beautiful vivid orange (sun orange).

Sapphires from Sri Lanka are still called Ceylon Sapphires.

Basically, there is a sapphire with every color you can imagine that comes from Sri Lanka due to the extensive gravel deposits located in the southern two-thirds of this island.

Sapphires from Sri Lanka are globally known for their high clarity and rich color; the two most desired characteristics in colored gemstones. Blue and pink colors in Ceylon sapphires have specific sparkle and hue that make them recognizable even by naked eyes.

These sharp and sparkly sapphires make a really good match with diamonds when set beside them in gold, and also give a beautiful vivid look on their own when set in silver.

Sapphire engagement rings have been favored for centuries, as they represent true love, romance, color in life, purity, and carry healing properties and spiritual enlightenment.

Today, more and more couples are turning to color engagement rings, specifically sapphires, to celebrate their love with color, and to introduce a special elegance that comes with these blue and pink gems from Ceylon.

Royal blue is the most used color in sapphire engagement rings, since it represents richness, depth, and purity, for which reason it is also used among royal families.

At Dafina jewelry, we source blue and pink Ceylon sapphires for our fine jewelry, fine eyewear, and color stone engagement ring collections (Dafina One Carat Sapphire), and happily share the beauty of these exotic gems with those who choose to have a colorful new beginning or exotic pieces of sapphire jewelry.

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