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What are diamond reports?

diamond certificates diamond reports GIA

GIA diamond certificate

Diamonds, like many other products, have different qualities. Many different factors and situations affect the quality of a diamond.

These factors and situations could be natural, such as: time, pressure, heat, and the geographical location in which the diamond is formed under the earth’s surface, or could be caused by human, such as: the accuracy of cut and facets, or selecting the best part of a diamond rough to be cut and shaped into a shiny diamond.

Although at first glance you might find the difference between two same size round diamonds insignificant, but the difference in their values could be a few thousand dollars depending on the factors mentioned above.

Because spotting the differences in diamonds even under microscope could be very tricky and time consuming, and many people could have different opinions about the same diamond's quality, also to make the buying and selling of diamonds easier under a set of agreed standards, a reporting system, or in other words, a certification document is needed, so that everyone can compare the quality and pricing of different diamonds much faster and with more trust under the same standard.

Issuing certifications for diamonds take place in laboratories where each diamond undergoes a series of very specific and sensitive examinations, by which every single attribute and characteristic of a diamond is measured and reported.

Laboratories don’t set a price for diamonds; however, the price is determined in the marketplace based on the report/certificate that diamonds receive from them.

There are few professional and internationally accepted laboratories that examine and issue certificates for diamonds including: GIA (Gemological Institute of America), EGL (European Gemological Laboratories), and IGI (International Gemological Institute).

Certificates issued for diamonds, function as their ID cards or birth certificates. They travel with the diamond everywhere it goes and they are the first to be looked at even before the diamond itself.

Based on the accuracy and methods used, certificates from some specific laboratories are valued slightly higher than the others.

Dafina One Carat Diamonds are all certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America), the most reputable diamond grading laboratory in the world.

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