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Best Diamond and Sapphire Bangles

A Modern Sapphire Bangle

Dafina Jewelry’s sapphire bangles feature sapphires mined from Sri Lanka. Known as Ceylon sapphires, these gemstones are unique in color, clarity, and luster compared to sapphires mined from other areas.

Designed for the modern woman, each bangle features a number of gemstones which make it modest enough for everyday wear, yet elegant enough for special occasions. Our bangles can be worn alone for a touch of glamour or stacked for a statement look.

Pink and Blue Sapphires in Solid Silver

A true luxury item communicates with the person who sees it, through design, quality of material, craftsmanship, and finishing; but it also communicates with the person who wears it, through weight, movement, feeling, and texture.

Sapphire bangles by Dafina are designed to fulfill the need for a luxury item that can be worn everyday, at every occasion including formal functions, or at work.

The first thing you feel is the difference in weight and movement, when you wear a solid sterling silver bangle, which is a constant assurance of quality.

Stack sharp pink and royal blue sapphire bangles together to have an alluring silver creation on your arm, or pick either one to simply show your elegance.

Find Your New Wristwear

Dafina bangles are a unique way to add some subtle elegance to your look. Whether you’re choosing your first bangle or looking for a new one to stack upon current pieces, our bangles will add that touch of luxury that you’re looking for. To find your perfect fit, shop our full collection of sapphire bangles.

For any questions or comments about our bangles or other jewelry pieces, please contact us.