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Bridal Engagement Ring Collection

Dafina One Carat Diamond Engagement Rings

At Dafina Jewelry, we recognize that it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect center stone among one carat diamond engagement rings. Our Dafina One Carat center stones help make the process simple so you can focus on what matters: your bride-to-be.

Dafina One Carat diamonds and sapphires are hand-selected based on an extended range of quality factors, to ensure that your engagement ring exudes luxury. We don’t just consider the “4C’s,” but 10 different important variables to evaluate our diamonds, and we find diamonds and sapphires that have high-quality in every key area, for a beauty that will last a lifetime.

Dafina One Carat gemstones are brilliant cut, and 6.5± mm in diameter. You can trust that our optimally-selected center stones will shine in any setting you choose.

Modern Luxury Made Simple

Our handcrafted engagement rings can be fitted with three of the most popular types of center stones to suit your bride-to-be’s unique style: diamond, blue sapphire, or pink sapphire. We offer a selection of simple but unique settings in both white and rose gold that will highlight the beauty of your gemstone.

Settings are available in both 14K and 18K gold to best suit your price range. Our Dafina One Carat diamond engagement rings are made by master artisans in California to ensure that each ring is crafted with a personal touch.

Find Your Perfect Ring

Browse all of our styles for our handcrafted engagement rings. We have a variety of modern, elegant settings that are sure to please. If you’re not sure what ring size to choose, we suggest using our ring size guide.

Your bride-to-be deserves a ring as beautiful as she is, so if you have any questions about our rings, please do not hesitate to contact us.