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Sterling Silver Fine Eyewear

Made entirely out of sterling silver and gold, Dafina fine eyewear is a stunning piece of handmade jewelry that frames your face, featuring 14K gold temple screws and two Ceylon sapphires to accent the frame.

Our patented design process makes these frames the first-ever fine eyewear made entirely from precious metals with high industry standards, bringing the luxury that defines Dafina Jewelry to every aspect of your style. These frames are ready to be fitted with your prescription lenses at any reputable optical lab, so you can enjoy your glasses as a functional piece of jewelry.

 Eye-Catching Jewelry

As we continue to expand our unique fine eyewear line into optical stores, we look forward to assisting you in choosing the pair of luxury frames that will perfectly complement your facial shape and sense of style.

Explore our selection of unique fine eyewear, and contact us to place your order today.