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Unique Gold and Sterling Silver Necklace Pendants

Elevate your look with Dafina’s 14K gold and sterling silver pendant necklaces. Modern and elegant is delightfully combined with classic in this collection, offering you a playful luxury, classic style and a unique design at the same time.

Make a Statement

From toucans to flowers to architecture, Dafina sterling silver pendant necklaces bring exotic elements of nature and culture to life, so you can make a statement in an avant-garde style and in different occasions.

Wear the Allure Caramel for a never ending sweet scent of caramel and diamonds, or the Diamond Pot pendant to have a blooming diamond flower in every season.

Find Your New Pendant Necklace

Our pendants are available in 14K rose gold, white gold, and sterling silver. If you have any questions regarding the gemstones or the sizes, please contact us.

Browse our gold and silver pendant necklaces to find the perfect new piece for your collection.