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Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands Collections

While engagement rings may be the material symbol of your never-ending love and affection, the wedding band is the ring that holds the true sentiment and history behind the tradition of binding your life to another.

In this collection, Dafina Jewelry hints much inspiration from molding ancient romantic notions into today’s modern sensibilities, and it is no surprise that our unique matching wedding bands showcase our avant-garde style, while maintaining respect and consideration for the origins of this timeless wedding tradition.

Your Genuine You

A wedding band, an unbroken circle made of a precious material, is a symbol of the eternity, and strength of love between a man and a woman. However, most couples choose a simple band which lacks the element of design and character for this very symbolic piece of jewelry.

Show your love along with your style and character with unique matching wedding bands by Dafina Jewelry, and express how genuine you are.


This collection features rose, white, and yellow gold wedding bands for men, as well as rose and white gold wedding bands for women, with distinct shapes, stunning diamonds, and personalized handcrafting.

Whether your choice is a classic wedding band such as Dafina OM, or the playful Dafina Regal band, we have an array of designs to meet your taste. Explore our exclusive collection today and choose a wedding band that shows your style.

Reach out to us now if you have questions, comments, or concerns about our wedding band collection.