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Dafina Jewelry's DesignerJewelry, Design, and Color
Dafina Jewelry is a luxury brand, led by certified jeweler and designer Pouya Tavakoli, offering diamond, blue sapphire, and pink sapphire engagement rings and wedding bands, with a rose gold option available for almost all of the designs, as well as fine jewelry and fine eyewear categories.

Dafina is dedicated to creating exotic pieces and avant-garde designs, and has always sought originality from the inception of ideas, while staying away from repetitive trends and styles. Our sophisticated designs merge a modern sensibility with an ancient romance, in a way that each piece becomes a poetic expression of love, desire, and commitment.

Jewelry DesigningAn Innovator in the Industry
Dafina has changed the bridal jewelry industry by introducing Dafina One Carat—an optimum center stone for our exclusive line of engagement rings. Using a rubric of 10 critical variables, our trusted experts select the best diamond or sapphire for your ring style rather than asking you to sift through thousands of stones in the hopes of picking the right one. This alleviates the stressful deliberations that are often associated with choosing an engagement ring while ensuring that your ring features only the highest quality gemstone.

Jewelry WorkshopThe Difference of Dafina
We understand that choosing an engagement ring, wedding ring, or a piece of fine jewelry can be a serious decision, which is why we want to provide you with the educational tools you need to make your purchase wisely. If you still have questions, you can always reach out to us through our contact page.

By choosing Dafina, you’ll be getting more than just a fine piece of jewelry—you’ll be getting the trusted expertise and dedicated craftsmanship of professional jewelers who are committed to creating something as special as you and the one you love.