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Learn About Dafina One Carat Diamond Engagement Rings

Instead of offering thousands of diamonds and sapphires with different qualities and expecting a person with no jewelry background to find the best gemstone out of them, Dafina Jewelry has eliminated confusion by offering only the optimum gemstone for your engagement ring with regards to quality, size, and your budget.

The result is “Dafina One Carat Diamond” or “Dafina One Carat Sapphire” that is placed on any Dafina engagement ring that you choose, to last your lifelong journey.

Diamonds are NOT evaluated by “4C’s” only, but by 10 different important variables that you have to know, before purchasing a diamond engagement ring.

It is very likely that you choose a diamond with excellent “4C’s” that is poor in other 6 important variables, which will not deliver a desirable result that you are looking for.

Similarly sapphires have many parameters that affect their quality, and often times it is very difficult to locate the optimum sapphire among too many options.

To ensure trust and eliminate confusion, Dafina Jewelry only provides “Dafina One Carat” as the center stone for its engagement rings. Therefore your love story can be secured in this symbol of purity and elegance forever.

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